It's been 60 years. On March 11, 1957, Eva Pierrakos (then Eva Broch) channeled the first Pathwork Guide Lecture, "The Sea of Life." Since then, the Pathwork has provided inspiration to spiritual seekers all over the world. Our Pathwork is a meeting of Eastern and Western spirituality. It stresses acceptance, and also action. It invites us into self-confrontation, of our negativity and destructiveness, but also invites us to celebrate the Divine Spark, the Godself within.

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"Creative Emptiness"

Lecture 224

A Pathwork Presentation with Pathworker and Core Therapist Aimee Falchuk

On Friday, March 23, at 7pm.

The New York Region Pathwork Community Invites you to a Pathwork Exploration with Aimee Falchuk, MPH, M.ED., CCEP

Pathwork Lecture 224: Creative Emptiness

From the Lecture: "Most human beings create an agitated mind, an inner and outer overactivity, because they are frightened that they may be empty, that there may be nothing within to sustain them. This thought is rarely conscious, but on a path such as this the time comes when you do become conscious of this fearful thought. Then the first reaction is very often, ' I do not even want to acknowledge that I am afraid of this. I'd rather continue busying my mind in order not to face the terror that I am nothing inside, that I am only a shell that needs sustenance from without.' You need to create an atmosphere within yourself in which you allow this emptiness to exist ." - PL 224

Read the Lecture here: http://pathwork.org/wp-content/uploads/lectures/pdf/E224.PDF

Whether it is our fear of emptiness or our fear of the aliveness and possibility that comes from our willingness to be empty- we find ways to stay busy enough in mind and action to avoid the fear.

Lecture 224 offers a path towards emptiness -- with the assertion that it is in this empty place - free from our limited beliefs - the demands of our self-will - and our debilitating fears - where creation is possible.

The work is ours to do to arrive and learn to stay in this empty place - which the Guide refers to as the Void. If we are able to tolerate the discomfort of the Void and be in it with "positive expectancy" but without "preconceived ideas" - if we can truly find and practice faith in it, without clinging to it and without magical or wishful thinking - and if we can get quiet enough to hear our inner voice and to receive its messages and instruction - well then so much more of our experience and potential becomes available to us.

Join us for a discussion of Lecture 224 to explore the path of Creative Emptiness on Friday March 23, 2018, at 7:00 PM @ Shelter Studios 244 West 54th Street, 12th Floor, NYC.

Aimee Falchuk is a writer, practitioner of Core Energetics and the Pathwork, and founder of The Falchuk Group.




Join your sisters and brothers on this spiritual path of self transformation.

Alan, Gay, Laureen, and Camille, for the New York Region Pathwork.


What is the Pathwork? Read Guide Lecture 204.

The Pathwork is a spiritual path of self-purification and self-transformation on all levels of consciousness. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing, accepting, learning to know and ultimately transforming our Lower Self or shadow side of our nature. Pathwork helps us understand that through honest self-examination, with carefully applied tools and practices, we can overcome and remove the inner obstacles that keep us from living fully from and in our Godself, our true nature.

The Pathwork is not dogmatic. It bridges psychology and spiritual practice. It places the greatest emphasis on freedom and self-responsibility. It does ask us to be willing to examine our beliefs, and to accept the inner authority of the Higher Self.

The Pathwork encourages us to develop a healthy, mature ego. For it is only when the ego is strengthened, and purified of its misconceptions about life and its own task, that we can go beyond it and understand that the ego that wills, plans, and controls is only a part of our greater self. By using the ego to transcend itself, we are afforded a way to become fully and consciously who we are: our Godself or higher self.

We all yearn for deeper, more loving relationships, and we all want more physical pleasure, vitality, and abundance. Ultimately, we want a sense of purpose for our lives that only comes with intimate contact with God.

The Pathwork is based in a collection of teachings (the Pathwork Lectures) that help us see and understand ourselves, enabling us to gradually remove the obstacles that keep us separate from others, separate from the source of our creativity and life energy, from our divine core.

Find out more about the Pathwork Lectures here.