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"There need never have been a split between Judaism and Christianity. This was never meant to happen by God or by the spirit world. And that it has happened is the fault of humankind."

     --- Lecture 19

"Periods of testing, trials, faith in God in times of adversity, crucifixion of the personal ego with its vanity and self-will: all this was symbolized by the body of Jesus. The resurrection of his spirit signifies the life eternal of bliss and happiness for the spiritual essence of each individual after the ego has been crucified. This cannot happen otherwise than through pain."

     --- Lecture 19

On Good Friday, we will reflect on the great task taken on by Jesus Christ as described in the Guide's Lectures. We are also invited to share how we are meeting the challenge to crucify the personal ego, with its vanity and self-will, and the lower self, with its determination to be destructive. 
We meet at the home of Traci and Joel Rosow, 107 East 38th Street, apartment 4B. We meet on Friday, April 19th, at 7pm.

Please RSVP to administrator@pathworkny.org because space is limited!

Join us at the former Phoenicia Pathwork Center (now the Menla Center)

We are happy to announce our next Pathwork retreat at the former Phoenicia Pathwork Center, now known as the Menla Center, in Phoenicia, New York from Tuesday, April 23rd through Thursday, April 25th.
Room and board for the mid-week workshop/retreat will be $325.


We will work with Pathwork Lecture 75, "The Great Transition in Human Development, From Isolation to Union," which you can read here.


We will begin at 11AM with coffee or tea at the dining hall, and have lunch at 12 Noon. Our Pathwork process begins after lunch, and continues until dinner at 6. The group will be led by Pathwork Helper Laureen Dunne. After dinner, we will have a special screening of a new biographical film about Wilhelm Reich, "Love, Work, and Knowledge," made possible by the filmmaker, Kevin Hinchey.


We will begin Wednesday with a meditation and then go into our Pathwork process again. We will have time during lunch to see the Center, including the garden and the beautiful trails. In the evening, weather permitting, we'll gather by the fire circle near the garden.


On Thursday, there will be a Stages of Commitment ceremony for those wishing to undertake a greater commitment to their spiritual path and this community. Kathleen Fisher will present a talk about the Guide's spiritual laws. After lunch, we will hold our annual Membership Meeting including the election of officers to the Board of Directors. We should be done by 3pm.


If you would like more information, or to reserve your space, please call Laureen Dunne at 609-601-9001 or email us at administrator@pathworkny.org


Much love, and we hope to see you in Phoenicia!


Pathwork Evening: Good Friday

"Make it your business now to deepen your desire for personal contact with Christ. Strengthen your commitment to Him, to give over your life to Him in the total trust that He deserves." (PL 258)


Watch Aimee Falchuk's last presentation:

What is image finding?

Here are some useful links:

About the Daily Review: This method of checking in on a daily basis with our emotional reactions and distortions -- things that bother us out of proportion to their significance -- is outlined here by Pathwork Helper Jan Rigsby:

About the Daily Review

Here are the four Lectures on images if you would like to familiarize yourself with the topic. We have an image finding group that meets monthly on Tuesdays -- please email us if you're interested in attending, at administrator@pathworkny.org

Here are the Lectures:


Image Finding

More in Image Finding: A Summary

Images: The Damage They Do


New: Who Was Eva Pierrakos?

Pathworker Paul Paquette, at the International Pathwork Conference in Rio last month, presents his painstaking research about Eva Pierrakos, who channeled the Pathwork Guide. What do we know about Eva, before she gave the first lecture in 1958? Paul sums it up:

It's been 60 years. On March 11, 1957, Eva Pierrakos (then Eva Broch) channeled the first Pathwork Guide Lecture, "The Sea of Life." Since then, the Pathwork has provided inspiration to spiritual seekers all over the world. Our Pathwork is a meeting of Eastern and Western spirituality. It stresses acceptance, and also action. It invites us into self-confrontation, of our negativity and destructiveness, but also invites us to celebrate the Divine Spark, the Godself within.

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Here is the first Lecture:

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Join your sisters and brothers on this spiritual path of self transformation.

Alan, Gay, Laureen, and Camille, for the New York Region Pathwork.

What is the Pathwork? Read Guide Lecture 204.

The Pathwork is a spiritual path of self-purification and self-transformation on all levels of consciousness. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing, accepting, learning to know and ultimately transforming our Lower Self or shadow side of our nature. Pathwork helps us understand that through honest self-examination, with carefully applied tools and practices, we can overcome and remove the inner obstacles that keep us from living fully from and in our Godself, our true nature.

The Pathwork is not dogmatic. It bridges psychology and spiritual practice. It places the greatest emphasis on freedom and self-responsibility. It does ask us to be willing to examine our beliefs, and to accept the inner authority of the Higher Self.

The Pathwork encourages us to develop a healthy, mature ego. For it is only when the ego is strengthened, and purified of its misconceptions about life and its own task, that we can go beyond it and understand that the ego that wills, plans, and controls is only a part of our greater self. By using the ego to transcend itself, we are afforded a way to become fully and consciously who we are: our Godself or higher self.

We all yearn for deeper, more loving relationships, and we all want more physical pleasure, vitality, and abundance. Ultimately, we want a sense of purpose for our lives that only comes with intimate contact with God.

The Pathwork is based in a collection of teachings (the Pathwork Lectures) that help us see and understand ourselves, enabling us to gradually remove the obstacles that keep us separate from others, separate from the source of our creativity and life energy, from our divine core.

Find out more about the Pathwork Lectures here.